PowerColor Devil13 features two GPUs

Corporation TUL ( PowerColor ), which surely is the oldest of AMD partner (work together since 1997) has announced the launch of the new "Dancing Queen", the issue of dual GPU AMD Radeon Devil13 R9 390, updating and its renowned family of graphics Devil13 to the current generation of AMD cards.

PowerColor Devil13 review

As always, the PowerColor Devil13 features two GPUs, in this case two AMD Grenada (R9 390) and is designed for users looking for ultimate graphics performance on your system. Therefore, equip a whopping 16 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory running at 1350 MHz real and connected through a bus 2 x 512 bits.

Furthermore, PowerColor has high operating speed of 1000 Mhz core, but has left a huge space for the user to apply a high level of overclocking, as it has installed a massive 15-phase VRM to ensure maximum stability in addition to other technologies such as PowerColor PowerIRstage, Cap and Super Ferrite Core Choke.

Although this is a graphic that could easily be used with custom liquid cooling systems, PowerColor has included its usual cooling system for the dual GPU graphics Devil13. Thus we see a similar pattern to previous generations, with huge triple sink fan (double blade) which cool the huge block of aluminum foil that absorbs the heat generated by the two GPUs through the (almost) impossible amount of 10 copper heatpipes. Remember that this graph takes up three PCI slots.

According to PowerColor, the cooling system of Radeon R9 390 Devil13 gives users the perfect balance between performance, temperatures and silence, if it is true that so we could try us personally tend to be a fairly noisy graphics when they are subjected to load (maybe that is resolved in the current generation).

As a member of the family Devil13, PowerColor has incorporated in this chart all the latest technologies. For starters, includes a button that allows the user to easily switch between two different BIOS that come with being one of them inviolable to ensure that as much as the user touches BIOS and damaged, always have a functional from which you can repair the other.

By the way, do not we discussed, as in previous generations, this new edition of Devil13 PowerColor has red LED lighting and four PCI-Express eight-pin connectors are needed for service.

And finally, as in the previous generation PowerColor gives a mouse Razer Ouroboros with the purchase of the plot. Not yet final output price not know when it will come, but it will count upon his face.