Pure Skull Cover for iPhone 5 Review

We have tested for you the Pure Skull Cover for iPhone 5 , one of the many new proposals of the brand Pure for the latest generation of smartphones designed in Cupertino. An enclosure designed to offer a good level of protection without exceeding in solutions eccentric design. In other words: simplicity. It gives only a small logo in silver tone that plays a skull, hence the name "skull" to the model. The sales package returns to the classic style of many packaging we’ve seen from the brand Modena, a clear plastic blister with a band in silver cardboard at the bottom. A small, circular opening at the front allows you to touch the material making up the cover, but nevertheless can be misleading as it appears at first glance (and first touch) a polycarbonate disk when in fact it is a polymer semi-rigid TPU or similar.

Pure Skull Cover for iPhone 5

After a first qualitative analysis of the Skull is made with care without hesitation, chips and residues of molding. The high-gloss polished surface finish is smooth on all exterior surfaces without the least hint of unsightly marks. Measurements and correctly dimensioned allow for easy application and removal of the housing. The semi-rigid material fits perfectly to the square shape of the iPhone 5 giving a reassuring feeling of "monobloc" phone + cover assembly.

The soft edges anodized aluminum appear to be well covered and safe from accidental bumps including milling inclined that, according to numerous feedback available online, appear to be the real critical point (in terms of durability) of the fifth generation of the iPhone. Generally good feedback provided by different buttons. To be picky the button on / off is more effective compared to the pair dedicated to the control of the volume, in each case, the usability is not affected. On sale at € 16.99, the cover can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or at the Italian distribution of electronic products.

Review Verdict – Economic and practical content in the Skull Cover Pure loved it although we would have preferred to find in the box a protective film for the display so you can have complete protection without the need for additional purchases.

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