Samsung Hates Linux environment

What is up with this company. They are a platinum member of the Linux foundation and a significant kernel contributor, yet they are the most Linux-hostile company I’ve ever had the displeasure of purchasing products from.
To update Android on my Samsung phone I have to install their itunes equivalent app on a windows computer and then use that to copy the system image onto the phone. I have to find some poor soul willing to let me install this huge piece of bloatware on their Windows computer, spend hours (yes, more than one) downloading the piece of shit, installing it, letting it download updates, etc. so that I can then download a system image, copy it to my phone, and restart the phone. After which the phone installs the new image. Why? And it really is Windows only. Have a Samsung chromebook? Or a Samsung Andoid tablet? Those aren’t good enough. You must have a Windows PC.
And I thought the phone thing was bad enough, but then I looked into purchasing a solid-state drive from Samsung. Apparently BIOS updates for these things are common given that they have fairly sophisticated software. A couple companies actually provide a linux flashing tool. Most provide a system-agnostic bootable image to be installed on a flash drive. What does samsung provide? A windows app that creates a bootable image for a flash drive! Why? It’s like they hate linux users and go out of their way to make things more difficult.
Sorry this turned into a bit of a rant. I really meant it as a warning. Despite their contributions to Linux and the use of Linux in their products, Samsung behaves quite bizarrely when it comes to Linux users. Be careful what you purchase from them if you don’t have a Windows PC on hand.

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