Samsung sues Ericsson

After Apple, Samsung attacks Ericsson. The Korean company accuses the Swedish giant of violating some of its patents and asks the block import of several products on the American market. Attacked by its Swedish competitor for patent infringement in early December, Samsung has reported Ericsson for reasons similar to the United States International Trade Commission (USITC). The company seeks to prohibit the ‘ import of Ericsson in the U.S. and a compensation for the unauthorized use of its intellectual property. The offense would cover seven of its patents , but the details were not disclosed.

Samsung sues ericsson

To understand the reasons for this request is necessary to take a step back, and specifically in early December. After presentation of a complaint , the Swedish company asked the ITC that several Samsung devices – including most of the Galaxy – were banned in the U.S. market, because it violated some of its patents, relating in particular to the management of flash memory . Samsung has responded promptly: "We thought it was possible to negotiate in good faith with Ericsson, the Swedish company but has been reluctant in the agreements presenting unreasonable demands and now Samsung is trying to bring to court," said a spokesman for the South Korean company, interviewed by Reuters. In the absence of an agreement, then the Samsung counterattack. The case recalls the long legal battle between Apple and Samsung, consumed in recent months, even if the stakes are different. After closing the collaboration with Sony Ericsson is no longer a true direct competitor to Samsung, but has a wide range of products and patents for telecommunications infrastructure , a sector in which it might be very interested in Samsung. In this scenario, however, the Korean should deal with other big industry, such as Nokia Siemens, Huawei, Alcatel and others. New legal battle coming?

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