Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM cooling fan released

Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM

Scythe is Japanese cooling expert, GlideStream extends the series with the announcement of a new model of the brand that includes a PWM function fan controller. Scythe fans series GlideStream 120 is based on an increase in the development of the very popular series of fans Scythe SlipStream.

New fans GlideStream 120 PWM SC combine the outstanding advantages of the GlideStream series such as the concept of "small hub and large blades" for greater airflow at a lower fan speed and new features, including support PWM and innovative 3 – step switch.

Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM review

Scythe took a very different GlideStream develop 120 PWM fan SC approach. The new fan provides not only support for fan control via PWM, but provides users the undisputed to switch between one of the three possible options for maximum fan speed opportunity. Scythe has added a 3-position switch for the fan, which limits the fan speed either 800, 1,150 or 1,500 rpm.

PWM curve is adjusted according to position adjustment in the fan without the need to adjust the applied voltage. Thanks to this feature, the PWM GlideStream SC 120 can be used for very quiet operation in the fan speed range between 300 and 800 RPM and most powerful way to change at any time when required. In this way the Japanese have been able to combine speed ranges three different box fans in a single fan without compromising the PWM support.

The GlideStream 120 PWM SC using the unique features of the GlideStream series, including ribbed design fan blade, thereby reducing air resistance and thus achieves noise reduction operation and design "small hub and blades big". The possible transmission of vibrations from the fan to the computer case can be reduced thanks to the insulating rubber supports supplied.

To further facilitate the installation process and increase compatibility, new Scythe PWM SC 120 used GlideStream installation holes without tunnel and comes with an adapter 3 pin to 4 pin.