Sharkoon T3 VG5 Specs, great looking gaming PCs

Sharkoon T3 reviews

Sharkoon expands its catalog of ATX boxes with the addition of two new families, the T3 Series and the VG5 Series , both aimed at the midrange for users on a budget (the first has a recommended retail price of 27.99 euros and the second 32.99 euros) but still providing a good relationship quality and versatility for all types of systems.

Sharkoon T3 review

Sharkoon T3 specs

We started talking about the simplest model, the Sharkoon T3. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis box is to provide high functionality for a very low price. It comes in three models, one with only Standard 120mm fan in the back, a Value version that adds a 120mm fan and blue LED on the front, and a Window version with a side window for viewing the components mounted inside the box.

This Sharkoon T3 processor accepts sinks up to 160 mm in height and graphics cards up to 385 mm in length, so users will not have problems when installing large components inside.It has three 5.25-inch bays for optical drives and front (two with installation without tools) and inside you can install up to three 3.5-inch hard drives (also without tools) and three 2.5 inches. The Value and Window versions include front USB 3.0 ports, while the Standard version only has USB 2.0.

Sharkoon VG5 review

Sharkoon VG5 specs

Regarding the Sharkoon VG5 Series, it is oriented more aggressive Gaming aesthetics and with some additional features compared to the previous case. Comes standard with two 120 mm fans and blue LED on the front and one in the rear, completing a very good airflow inside the box. All versions have USB 3.0 on the front.

Sharkoon VG5 reviews

For the VG5 they are offered in two versions, one with and one without window, and the interior is quite similar to T3 Sharkoon they accept processor coolers up to 160mm tall and graphics cards up to 385 mm in length if the center rack for hard drives is removed. It has two bays for 5.25 inch and can be installed, as in the previous three 3.5-inch disks and three 2.5-inch.

As mentioned earlier, Sharkoon will release these two boxes contained but prices depend on the version chosen. The T3 Series of only 27.99 euros while the VG5 Series makes from 32.99 euros.