Should you get Lumia 920?

I had a Droid x2 for two years. When we renewed with Verizon, we went with the Lumia 920 series in black. First windows phone and only second smart phone.

Biggest plus is the camera. Pics are amazing and crisp and I love the panorama app. Took it Dino hunting and museum no flash pic taking and the shots are amazingly crisp. Everyone in show pics to are impressed by the photos.

The phone feels slick. My Droid had some sort of rubberized coating that stuck to my hands. The Lumia just slips right out of my hands and my hands are not that calloused. Immediately purchased some gel slip covers and screen protectors since we never opt for insurance. Front facing camera is great for self shots, even though the resolution is much less. Lot of one and done self family shots we love tobtake.

What I don’t like: the apps are HORRIBLE in comparison to their android cousins. The number of apps is severely lacking as well. And a lot of apps that are free on android cost a few bucks on windows phone. The number of games are also severely limited. The Baconit app is good for Reddit, and that’s about the only positive I have. I use the standard internet explorer app because I haven’t found a better one. I miss double tapping to zoom to a readable level of magnification. Facebook app severely lacks function for managing pages. Its okay to read here and there, but editing and deleting some comments is impossible. I read facebook in the internet explorer app.

My home/regional bank recently got a mobile banking app with phone check deposit. There is zero support for windows phones for scanning in a check over the phone. I installed the app on my Droid x. It works just fine. I shouldn’t have to keep my antiquated Droid around to do everything this phone is capable of if the os was supported.

As of late, I’ve had a few glitches and one hang up that required a soft restart, a procedure I had to lookup because there is no battery to remove. One thing that is an issue that has been known for a while is with the volume. If I have Nokia music opened, the go olay a game in the Xbox okay area that has sound effects, somehow this disables the volume control in Nokia music. Going back to Nokia music, the numbers on the volume control go up and down, bit the actual vokune doesn’t change. I’ve read several forums about this issue going back to last December and there is still no fix half a year later other than restarting the phone.

I miss separate volume controls for phone, alerts, game play, etc. Old Droid had it. This phone only has one volume control for everything .

Unless something changes, in two years I will be going back to Droid based is.

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