Silentium PC ATX Aquarius M60W Review

Silentium PC ATX Aquarius M60W Review

Continuing the successful concept of the first box Aquarius, Silentium PC has decided to present a slightly smaller model for users who want to save some space on your table but without sacrificing functionality and performance in its case, the new Silentium PC Aquarius M60W.

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Silentium PC M60W Aquarius has designed a minimalist box and great build quality. It is designed to accommodate high-end equipment inside regardless of the size of the installed hardware, and is in fact the manufacturer has built the chassis with steel SECC 0.8 mm thick to withstand all the weight you want.

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As the top model, the Aquarius M60W provides extensive support for liquid cooling systems, including three anchor points for radiators of up to 360 mm in length (in the front). It has also simplified the interior to create an aesthetic minimalist and simple to use which in turn improves the flow of air inside the box.

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Thus, the back of the room to the motherboard (ATX) has a huge hole to manipulate the socket and also has a cover that conceals all cables without problems. Another metal cover (not plastic as usual) covers the power supply and cables coming out of it, leaving the inside looking clean and clear, yet separating the source and the hard disks of other components to improve thermal performance.

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This is a fairly wide yes box, and supports processor coolers 175 mm high, plenty of room to install even for larger air coolers (measuring up to 165 mm in height). It also provides space for graphics cards up to 410 mm in length, ATX sources of any length and there is still room to install three 3.5 inch hard disks and two 2.5-inch other, and two 5.25-inch optical drives. These last two are mounted on a removable drive that would leave room for mounting a pump or similar custom liquid cooling systems.

Finally, it notes that the Aquarius M60W factory includes three 140 mm fans pre-installed and can install two 120 / additional 140mm. All fans (up to 5 in total, all of which can hold the box) can be controlled by an integrated front and allows you to select three speeds.

At the moment it is not known when will be released or at what price.