Speck Nexus 7 Fitfolio Review

Got my blue case today, it’s really nice, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to plunk down $22 (Amazon) – $35 (Speck) on a good quality case with all the bells and whistles. At this price point I can’t imagine going with anything else, unless something new and equally good pops up.The flap is reassuringly thick without adding too much bulk, and the plastic cradle is the same way. It feels like it would really protect the tablet if it fell, but still manages to be fairly slim. It does add some heft. I’m ok with that trade off for the protection, though. In terms of added size, it’s only a little thicker than with the ASUS travel case, but much, much sturdier.

Speck Nexus 7 Fitfolio
The clasp locks very securely with an audible click. It’s easy enough to open with one hand when the tablet’s lying on a desk, but would never just open on it’s own or after a drop, which means the flap isn’t going to go flying at the worst moment and fail to protect the screen.
You can use the clasp to secure the flap behind the tablet and out of the way for reading, etc. It folds back fairly flat without much of a bulge, but I found it a little less comfortable to hold that way than the ASUS case because there is a little bit of overhang from the flap. Not a lot though. It definitely seems more secure than most of the magnet cases that fold back. The soft interior feels good in the hand that way, and the little stand divots give it good grip.
The stand options are numerous and very secure. There are 4 "official" divots for the tablet to slide into, but I found the little raised area in front of the clasp could be used for a 5th in a pinch if you really wanted to lean the tablet back for a better viewing angle. You can easily play games that required you to tap the screen with a good amount of force without worrying if the tablet is going to fall over. The extra "keyboard’ stand angle is also sturdy. I tend to prefer the looks of the "tri fold" Apple-style smart case stands, but they never seem as sturdy. This one definitely gets the job done.

Speck Nexus 7 Fitfolio review
The only downsides:
1) After you bend the case a bit, the front flap doesn’t lie down 100% flush. This isn’t as bad as the pictures in this thread made me think it was going to be, and is actually easily correctable if you just bend the case in the opposite direction for a second to flatten it out. It’s close enough to flush after "backbending" that I doubt it will bother most people. I’m particularly anal about this type of thing and it’s barely noticeable, but it is there. I think it’s unavoidable in any case that has a front flap that’s meant to folded, though, and other cases seem worse in this regard.
2) The tablet snaps into the plastic cradle with a reassuring click, and is held there very securely, but the bottom right corner of the cradle rests a little below the screen exposing a tiny sliver of the bezel, whereas all the other corners are completely flush. The front flap covers it very well, and as the case wears I think the front flap will gain a little extra give and protect it even more, but if there was ever going to be any damage to the tablet in this case, that would be the weak point. It would have to hit extremely hard and at just the right angle to pierce between the cradle and the flap though, so I’m not really worried about it because the chances of that type of specific fall are almost zero. It’s still far more protective than the unsecured flappy ASUS cover. But if that corner of the cradle sat as flush with the screen as the rest of them it would be perfect, so I’ll still consider it a tiny flaw.
3) My particular case has one area where the front flap attaches to the back cradle that isn’t glued down as neatly as the rest of it. It’s not a horrible defect or anything, and I’m sure most non-anal people would never notice or care, but it kind of bugs me and I might see if I can get a replacement It has zero effect on the protectiveness of the case though, this is just me being very picky.
Aside from that, the whole case is very high quality and well worth the money. The stitching is neat, the soft material on the inside of the flap feels really nice, and overall I’d say it’s the best bang for your buck right now in terms of features/protectiveness/attractive looks/quality. No funky smell! No thin, crappy flap/stand! I’m really happy I came upon this thread because I might have missed this case otherwise. Even for a crazy picky person like myself, this case is about 99.5% perfect.

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