SwitchEasy iPhone 5 Review

The product review is devoted to the case TONES SwitchEasy iPhone 5 , a cover of polycarbonate and TPU mixed hybrid that combines wind protection and aesthetics. According to the tradition of the design of the SwitchEasy TONES is an evolution of the concept UltraHybrid we saw on different models in the past. It is worth remembering, for example, the Reptile for 3G/3GS  and CapsuleRebelX for 4/4S. The strong points of SwitchEasy have always been a mix of style, protection, ergonomics and generous standard equipment. The TONES not betray the expectations thanks to an elaborate design that would not say in decisions that are able to provide open to criticism. As an example we can mention the finish "matte" on the back polycarbonate hard, wear-resistant and pleasant to the touch. Starting as usual by the packaging we can not appreciate the new packaging design (after attempts too elaborate and not very successful as the box NUDE for 4/4S ) where the cover is oddly placed obliquely to the axis thereof. Choice that allows to limit the thickness of the pack while leaving visible the side edge of the cover through a clamshell blister easily reusable.

SwitchEasy iPhone 5 Review

Inside the box we find, as anticipated at the beginning of the review, a range of accessories, though:

1 cover TONES
2 films to the screen type Ultra Clear
1 adhesive to the back aluminum
1 pannetto microfiber + squegee card
2 caps for the connector Lightning
2 plugs for the jack connector 3.5
SwitchEasy films are not, for the moment, been evaluated as we applied to our device to another model screen protector.

Insertion and removal operations turn out to be fairly simple as long as you follow the instructions given in the leaflet included in the pack. Briefly, it is true iPhone 5 along the left side (the side buttons for instance) and push it in place with a slight pressure to the cover, while just press in the dorsal relying on the right hand side to extract the phone. The fit is high, thanks to the precise measurements TONES suits shell shapes of the iPhone by providing a reassuring effect block without any sign of games or movements. The edge TPU, inserted through a process of co-molding, completely surrounds the Banda aluminum coming to cover the flange milled on the front side. The TONES slightly overlaps the screen allowing you to get a profile lay-on-the-table to avoid the contact with the underlying surfaces of the screen when the phone is placed face down.

Valid tactile feedback offered by all the buttons that are fairly soft to press and always responsive drives. A want to be picky the caps stopper dust appear to be a bit ‘more laborious to remove, especially one intended to cover the connector Lightning charging and synchronization. In the face of all this is the more interesting the price (U.S. $ 24.99 + shipping), which remains low and extremely competitive given the quality of the case and the sumptuous range of accessories in the box. Elegant, well-made and cost in the price TONES SwitchEasy iPhone 5 is a good choice for those seeking a cover can offer superior protection without resorting to extravagant design.

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