Thermalright Macho 120SBM

Thermalright Macho 120SBM review

Thermalright has announced the launch of its new sink Macho 120SBM , a new member of the extended family and Macho manufacturer in this case comes as a sink compact size but with great thermal performance.

The design of small size makes it idea, according to Thermaltake, for equipment micro ATX or mini ITX depending on the case, as with dimensions of 130 x 101 x 150 mm occupies really much less space than the rest of dissipating this family ( although these dimensions to us still seems too large for most cases mini ITX market). In any case the idea is that the 120SMB Thermaltake can come in boxes in which the male 120 Rev.

Thermalright has integrated a new fan in this new member of the male dissipating family, Thermalright TY 127 PWM, 120 mm and as its name suggests with PWM function (operates between 300 and 1300 rpm so it is very quiet but generates up 94.8 m3 / h of air flow) that is more than enough to cool the aluminum sheet block counts the sink.

Thermalright Macho 120SBM

Speaking of the block it is formed of 30 sheets of aluminum and is crossed by five heatpipes Coppernickel of 6 mm diameter each, all connected to a base also Coppernickel ensures best heat transfer between the IHS processor and sink base. Its design is asymmetrical so that it does not interfere with RAM modules of the system, whatever the height of their own heatsinks.

In principle Thermalright has said that the sink is now available, but you know that when the manufacturer says this is because they have already begun to distribute although generally missing at least a few days or even a couple of weeks for landing in stores where users can buy the product. Its recommended retail price is 42.99 euros including VAT, a price quite high so we should be able to expect an equally high performance in it.