Toshiba W50 Tecra and Satellite P50t Review

Among the many innovations that emerged from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of the most interesting license plate Toshiba . The Japanese manufacturer has in fact led to the American fair refresh of two of its latest handsets, W50 Tecra and Satellite P50t , which on this occasion have received an upgrade of the display.

Toshiba W50 Tecra review

The two notebooks, workstations, respectively, a professional and a consumer laptop, now will be able to count on a new panel to be 15.6 inches with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD or equal to3840 x 2160 pixels , in the case of the Satellite P50t, it’s also kind of multitouch and will make use of a glass edge-to-edge , which should improve color rendition and contrast ratio. Due to its professional nature instead Tecra W50 will instead have a panel with a factory-calibrated range accurate color and wide viewing angle in the horizontal plane.

For the rest, the two Toshiba laptops are unchanged with respect to the models introduced respectively in June (Satellite P50t) and October (Tecra W50). The workstation, which weighs about 2.7 pounds, has a chassis made ​​of a honeycomb structure that makes it resistant to shocks and falls and the infiltration of liquids. On the security instead find several technologies, including Toshiba EasyGuard , SED (Self Encrypting Drive), chip TPM for encryption of sensitive data and Intel Active Management to monitor, restore and update the notebook remotely.

Satellite P50t Review

Also present a fingerprint reader or, alternatively, one for smart cards. The hardware platform instead integrates a processor Intel Core i7 processor of the latest generation, combined with a maximum of 32 GB of RAM and traditional hard disk drives or hybrid, both with a capacity of500 or 750 GB or solid state drives up to 512 GB. The dedicated graphics card instead it will be selectable between different models of Nvidia Quadro. The Satellite Intel Core P50t provides different types but always the latest generation of graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GT 740m or 745m , up to 32 GB of RAM and hard drives up to 1.5 TB of storage (1TB if you choose the variant hybrid with additional memory eMMC) or solid state drive up to 256GB. It is not known at the time the cost of the two new versions of the W50 Toshiba Tecra and Satellite P50t, which should also be available from the middle of 2014. source

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