Touchscreen Chromium netbook release date

Several times in these pages we have analyzed the interest of Google for its Chrome OS notebook range, christened with the name of Chromebook. Investment and commitment of Mountain View were always continue, despite the consumer audience has never shown real curiosity about this category. The family of Chromebook has evolved over time to meet the needs of users, but also the latest incarnation of laptops does not seem to satisfy the customers. Samsung and Acer , the first partner in the adventure of Google Chromebook, launched a few weeks ago, the latest generation of Chrome OS notebook focusing on two completely different. Samsung has decided to migrate to an ARM-based processor of its production, Samsung Exynos 5250 (the same SoC integrated in Nexus 10 for instance), while Acer Chromebook C7 is more powerful (with a Celeron 847 ) and cheap (only $ 199 / euro) than in the past.

Google, however, does not give up and continue the search for new partners and the launch of new models of Chromebook. The Mountain View company, in fact, going to multiply the number of Chromebook notebook by following the strategy adopted in the Nexus and launching different forms. A confirmation arrives today, thanks to rumors made ​​by Asian manufacturers, that Google will launch new models of Chromebook with touch , by 12.85 inches. These will be distributed directly from Google Chromebook, manufactured by Compal Electronics , with a touch signed Wintek . The manufacturers of the components of future Chromebook have already started deliveries, while Compal will start the first shipment by the end of 2012.

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