Transcend SSD370S Review, complete analysis

Transcend again in our laboratory. A couple of months ago we analyzed its M.2 device 256 Gb and this time we do an album traditional SSD of 128 GB. The strategy is repeated and increasingly defined. Discs with acceptable performance at very competitive prices. Surely we must seek to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive as is the market for storage devices . So is the Transcend SSD370S.

Transcend SSD370S Reviews

Transcend presents its evolution already recognized SSD370 already submitted the middle of last year.Some aesthetic touches like changing the plastic housing and aluminum similar to his older brother performance. The controller is the same, one TS6500 (manufacturer Silicon Motion Technology) and the features that made the previous version known to remain to continue the upward trend. Read full review at

Transcend SSD370S SSD Review

Transcend cover all possible abilities (or almost all). From the less used today, such as the 32 and 64 GB, up to 1 Tb. This ensures compliance with all the requirements of users. From those who just want the operating system to those who want to have a solid state disk applications, games and more.

Transcend SSD370S Review

All the advantages of disks current solid state meet in this device reduced thickness which is specially designed for use in laptop computers thanks to its functionality DevSleep that allows you to enter a suspended state when not being used with the consequent savings occur battery. But also unlike many brands thanks to its SSD Scope software that make life easier for most of Its users will not look complicated and seek to have everything at your fingertips in a single tool. Erasing and formatting the drive, update the firmware and other tools that are now very simple thanks to SSD Scope.

Few negatives has this unit is not intended to be the best SSD market but wants to become a serious alternative thanks to a price which differs from others.