TrekStor SmartTV Station Review

Simply connect SmartTV Station to your TV and to your home network (wireless or Ethernet cable to the router) to have all digital content, websites and social networks commonly accessible from the Internet: streaming movies, music, news time real, Twitter, Google, email all on the big screen in the living room! With the opportunity to use the most popular Italian applications pre-installed with Smart TV you can enjoy content of great interest on topics such as art, current events, movies, restaurants, fashion, sports and much more. SmartTV Station is primarily a comprehensive multimedia player, from which access to all videos, photos and music stored on computers on your network, or via the USB ports, directly from keys or external drives. Using the optional WLAN antenna, even streaming access is not a problem.


And if that were not enough, through specific App, you can control the SmartTV Station directly from your iPhone or any Android smartphone. Last but not least, since it has no cooling fan, TrekStor SmartTVè totally silent, and you can connect through popular audio / video outputs for each type of output signal: AV stereo sound, HDMI, Optical, etc etc . TrekStor SmartTV Station suggested retail price of € 99.00.

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