Vertex 450 SSD with Indilinx Controller

The 23rd (local time), the U.S. OCZ Technology has announced SSD to be mounted latest Indilinx controller of the "Barefoot 3 M10" and "Vertex 450". Capacity to lineup 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, price $ 129.99, $ 234.99, $ 499.99, respectively.

Vertex 450 SSD with Indilinx Controller

Successor model was announced in April 2012 of "Vertex 4". I installed was based on the design of the controller PLX Technology co-development of the Indilinx "Barefoot 3" and "Barefoot 3 M10".

Barefoot 3 SSD controller is equipped with the two processor of ARM Cortex-A9-based. The M10 becomes the updates, access optimized for NAND flash 20nm/1xnm process by mounting the Power Optimized Clock Generator that is possible. Vertex 450 has adopted the MLC NAND of the 20nm process.

Form factor 2.5-inch / 7mm thick. 3.5-inch and conversion adapter, Acronis made by cloning software for Windows 8 is attached. It has also notice the appearance of product (s) planned to fit the presentation, in 2013 third quarter PCI Express connection SSD for server / workstations of "Revo3" the successor to the high-end SSD of "Vector" successor "Vextor 150", " you have to line up with the Vector PCIe "series.

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