What does the term malware actually mean?

Malware means malicious software and basically refers to a range of harmful threats including the likes of adware, trojan horses, spyware, rootkits, browser hijackers, viruses and worms. Each type of malware threat is different in terms of what it does to an infected computer system, but the reality is that they are all dangerous.

What does the term malware actually mean

A malware threats usually attacks a persons computer system throught the download and installation of freeware, documents, executable files, attachments and also cracks found on the internet. When it comes to defending your computer system against malware you will need malware removal software. A good malware removal software will have the ability to block out and also destroy any harmful threat that attempts to infect your operating system. Users are encouraged to scan their computer systems daily and are also advised to regularly update their malware removal software to ensure that it contains the newest definition updates.

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