Windows 10 Software Compatibility full list

Here is a comprehensive list of softwares that are fully compatible with Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Software Compatibility

"Advanced SystemCare 8 Free"
free integrated system maintenance software
music player software in the old version-style design of "Winamp"
simple and fast remote desktop operating software
"AOMEI Backupper"> the
software that the specified drive or partition can be whole backup
envelopes and address printing software that postal transfer paper can also print
"Ashampoo WinOptimizer"
integrated PC maintenance software with features such as optimization of defrag and registry
simple writing software that supports CD / DVD / Blu-ray Disc
system cleaner software that can be removed easily the unnecessary data in the PC
"Classic Shell"
7/8 / 8.1 beta version of the software that can be changed to XP-style and Start Menu

storage and benchmark measures the data transfer rate of
"DAEMON Tools Lite"
free virtual CD / DVD-ROM / Blu-ray Disc drive creation software
software that can be updated hardware drivers to the latest version
client of online storage service "Dropbox"
"EaseUS EverySync"
The synchronization and backup the local PC · cloud storage of FTP server files
"EaseUS Partition Master Free"
free software that you can edit the partition in the GUI
"EaseUS Todo Backup Free"
software to the drive or partition can be whole and imaged to backup
"EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free"
software that can be easily migrate PC file via LAN
Explorer-style file compression and decompression software
corresponding security software in addition to smart phones and tablet PC
of open source database management software
"Hidemarnet Explorer with FTPS"
add-in that adds the ability to take advantage of the Internet to "Hidemaru Editor"
"HTML Mail Viewer for Hidemaru mail"
The add-in to be able to browse the "Hidemaru mail" direct HTML mail on
"HTML mail editing add-in for Hidemaru mail"
"Hidemaru mail" to create a direct HTML mail on – can be transmitted to the add-in
restart by specifying the OS to be used the next time in a multi-boot environment
"ISO Workshop"
simple user interface with an attractive CD / DVD / BD writing software
DirectX support, remote PC operation software with an automatic adjustment function of communication quality
free of paint software
"QILING Disk Master"
Home integrated disk management tool that has been developed for users
"Smart Defrag"
defragmentation software that performs frequently optimized by utilizing the time of system idle
"TCP Monitor Plus"
lightweight while multi-function software that enables network monitoring in real-time
Easy create an installation from the Windows installation CD "USB memory"
"Mucking Maker"
Windows customization software information of the CPU can also display
"Eject USB"
software for easy understanding of the safe removal, such as USB memory hardware
"Academic fraud allegations"
to calculate the educational background and work experience from date of birth
"ID photo cut out Mr."
software that you can create an image for the ID photo an image such as a digital camera to the original
"Animated GIF conversion"
software which can convert video file to animated GIF format
"Password Comprehensive Management"
password auto-generation function with ID · password management software
"Xiu Caps"
software routine keyboard operation can be customized to their liking
"Xiu Term Evolution"
terminal emulator software with log browser
"Hidemaru address book synchronizer"
"Hidemaru mail" address book of the "Google" to synchronize the contacts that are registered in the service of
"Hidemaru Amazon search"
software products as possible the search and display of "" on "Hidemaru Editor"
"Hidemaru Editor"
β version of the classic text editor
"Hidemaru publisher"
to extend the print function of the text editor "Hidemaru Editor"
"Hidemaru filer Classic"
beta version of the filer with operability similar to "explorer" of up to Windows XP
"Hidemaru mail"
beta version of e-mail software with a "Hidemaru editor" based text editing functions
"Hidemaru reminder"
is automatically sent to the specified date and time in advance wrote that had been e-mail in the "Hidemaru mail"
"Add or Remove Programs list output"
to output a list of software that is installed on your PC