Windows 8.1 Release Date is April 8

How Microsoft 2014 today at the start of the Build developer conference announced , Windows 8.1 will receive an important update shortly. About the update, in advance of the rumor mill as "Update 1" had been referred to, Microsoft was already at Mobile World Congress in late February award some information. On 8 April, the software package is now distributed directly via Windows Update.

The most important new features that Microsoft with the major update for Windows 8 or 8.1 introduces call to users of classic PCs and notebooks that still predominantly use their devices with mouse and keyboard, not touchscreen. The Windows development team has the operating system adapted to the task bar is now displayed on the full screen home screen and in Windows Store apps run Windows Store apps are minimized by a title bar and close. A button to shut down the computer as well as a search box will be found on the home screen above the right of the user account.

In addition, after the update, open Windows Store apps in addition to the classic desktop applications on the taskbar are displayed, there can be attach and behave exactly as Windows users are used to from other programs. According to Microsoft Also new is the ability to invoke a context menu on the home screen right-click on an app tile, on the example, the size of the tile can be changed. Microsoft promises for the near future also even an update to the Windows Store to even better adapt these for navigation with the mouse.

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