Windows Phone and iPad

I use my windows phone by day and my iPad by night to game on. I like iOS gaming and iPad live streaming and the gaming library squashes those in any other mobile platform. I been holding on, waiting for a new iPad that I hope has iPhone 5s internals so I can finally dive into Infinity Blade 3.

So it has nothing to do with Apple, as much as with the games that happen to be only available in that platform. The day Infinity Blade X launches first on Android is the day I may stop caring about the iPad (that is, unless they come up with some other amazing game or pull a Nintendo and start doing first party games that are just as appealing.)

If Google and Microsoft wants their tablets to succeed they should learn that games are a HUGE factor behind the success of these machines and start making good first party games. Microsoft sort of started with a lame Halo RTS, but its something. They also have a game development studio, they should start using it to make Windows RT/Phone exclusives.

Google may be forced to buy some game company and start cranking Android exclusive games. I actually would be glad to have an excuse to buy a high end tablet from every one of the platforms.

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